Replay: The Smart Way To Bring On a Junior Partner to Run and Grow Your Clinic

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Thanks for watching the training! Now there was only so much we could share in one hour so if you’d like to go as deep as possible and learn everything about bringing on a Junior Partner successfully. 

Like how to pitch them to get them excited to join. Important legal contracts to protect yourself as the majority owner and founder of the business.  Just in case that junior partner doesn’t work out or doesn’t hit their goals. Essential templates, checklists, and scripts. Personal coaching from Paul whose hired junior partners to run his 127 clinics. And so much more!

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“How to Bring On a Junior Partner to Run and Grow Your Clinic 30 Day Challenge”
Week 1 (Foundation): What makes a good junior partner?
This is everything you get during the free training you just signed up for but with one added perk - personal coaching with Paul.

Here’s what you’ll learn during week 1:

The 6 key qualities that make up a great junior partner (including the #1 quality that most don't think about).

  • The 90 Day Challenge: How we test out a potential junior partner so we know they’re the right fit and avoid bringing on the wrong person.
  • The key components of a great 90-day challenge.
  • How to onboard and train your junior partner to accelerate their success.
  • Should your junior partner be a clinician, business (MBA), or office manager?  We’ll share our experience from hiring partners to run our 127 clinics.
  • How to set up the right org structure modeled after the most successful clinics.
  • The right way to set up goals, metrics, and objections to avoid losing people.
  • Live Q&A at the end to get all your questions answered


Create a ‘mock’ 90 day challenge for your potential junior partner.

Create a Role description for your Assistant CD, CD, or Junior partner.

Paul will look over your assignment. Then give you personal feedback and suggestions to improve it (only available with this special offer).

Week 2: (The Pitch pt. 1): Do the Math!

How to do the Math:

  • Can you afford to have a junior partner?
  • What kind of returns can you/partner expect? 
  • Are your numbers realistic/believable?
  • Can you tell a story with the math that convinces them to want to join?
  • Will the numbers create excitement? 

You'll get a simple excel sheet template to calculate all your numbers. All you have to do is type in your numbers inside the fields and click enter. It will calculate everything for you. It's very simple to use.

Paul will review assignment responses from week 1 where you can get ideas on how other clinics have set up their 90-day challenge. 

The 3 Essential Documents that should be a part of every pitch.

Live demo on how to figure your numbers and tell the story with math that convinces them to want to join.

LIVE Q&A at the end.

Submit your assignment to Paul to review and give feedback.

Week 3 (The Pitch pt. 2): Get them excited to join - but set expectations!

This week you’ll learn how to get them excited to join while setting expectations which is critical for long term success of this type of partnership.

You’ll hear a live demo conversation on exactly how to do this. So they understand the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to run the business and their role.

You’ll also learn the 3 things you must set expectations for and how to do it right:

1.) Roles:




    Finance etc...

2.) Time

    Hours per week of each of you are contributing

3.) Compensation

    Clinical vs Management

    Salary vs Hourly


How to use value stacks to get them excited to join plus motivate them to do what it takes to grow your clinic.

Proven fill in the blank presentation template to present to your junior partner. Including one I used that worked very well that you can model.


Fill in the blanks to your presentation. Then send to Paul.

Paul will review your presentation. Give you feedback on what not to say if needed and tell you how to make it even better.

Week 4: Legal contracts: What you need to protect you and your junior partner.

This week we’ll dive deep into the types and the key components of a purchase agreement to protect yourself. We’ll walk you through all the components of a purchase agreement such as liabilities, law suits, share certificates, resignation keys, codes, indemnifications, promissory note, covenants, and more.

Share vs Asset Purchase.

Benefits of an Unanimous Shareholders Agreement (USA) for a clinic and key terms you must understand.

Paul will also share a case study on what clauses are essential in every share holder agreement to protect yourself as the majority owner and founder of business. Just in case that junior partner doesn't work out or doesn’t hit their goals.

What to do if your junior partner cannot pay 100% upfront and how to structure it.

Q&A to get all your questions answered.

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