Use Callhero's Call Recording for More Patients and Better Patient Experience

One of the most powerful features you can implement in your clinic is call recording. It can help you get more patients, train your staff more effectively, and dramatically improve the patient experience. Here are some ways to use Call Hero's call recording to drive more patients and improve your patient experience.

Eliminate he said/she said situation and know exactly what happened on the call.

Recording conversations between your staff and potential patients to make sure your phones are being handled like you want.

It allows you to make sure your staff is using the right phone scripts or any at all. Make sure they are asking the right questions and making sure they are not turning away patients by easily fixable things.

Powerful way to train new and existing staff.

You can listen to the call recordings together and identifying where they can grow. You can give your staff examples of good conversations and objections that were handled well that they need help with. This is powerful way to train new staff with recordings are great conversations to model and learn from. How to handle this objections, etc.

Improve the patient experience

The best way to know how to deliver a great patient experience is to listen to them – in person and on the phone. But the only way to listen to them on the phone if someone else on your team is talking to them is with call recording.

1.) Know What Patients Ask - With call recording, you will know what questions your patients ask when they first talk to someone. That will help you to improve your initial and follow up communications with them.

2.) Clear Up Your Messaging - Are your front desk people over promising services that you don’t actually deliver? Are they under-promising and not giving callers the right first impression? Improper messaging and misaligned expectations are hard to catch, but with call recording, businesses of all types can know what your call team is saying and can work on improving it.

3.) Connect with Patients on Follow-up Calls - With call recording, you will know why a patient didn’t book an appointment and can use the right phone script when you call them back. If their issue was money, that’s quite different than if their issue was scheduling conflicts. Go into your follow-up calls with the right script and increase your chances of success.Call recording for chiropractors, massage therapists, and even non-health businesses like plumbers helps ensure that every customer or patient is treated with high importance. Your staff knows you can listen to calls, so they will treat every caller in the best possible manner.Call recording produces higher staff accountability, and that leads to happier patients and customers.

And so much you can do when you combine it with Callhero's full suit of features.

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How It Works

1.) You create what's called a tracking number (a.k.a fake number) inside CallHero and set to forward to your landline number. Takes 5 seconds.

2.) When someone calls the number they are instantly routed through CallHero and forwarded to your landline number. Your patient won't know the difference.

3.) CallHero automatically records phone call and analyzes the phone call

4.) Extracts meaningful data like did not book reason from every call without you having to lift a finger.

5.) Once the call finishes the recording will be available inside of the CallHero dashboard for you to review whenever you want along with the did not book reason.

Powerful & Effective Phone Tools for Booking More Patients Than You’ve Ever Seen

Empower & Reward Your Call Staff for Maximum Profit and Patient Satisfaction

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. With call recording and call metrics you’ll have actionable data for training each team member, each type of call, each location. You’ll have answer rates, booking rates, patient follow-up and winback rates, amount of revenue generated. Training your team has never been this effective and effortless.

Cut Down on Lost Patients and Lost Revenue

New patients get missed and don’t book. Existing patients get funnelled to voicemail. The fortune is in the follow-up. With CallHero you’ll know who to follow up, why they didn’t book, and the right script to use to try to win them back.

Finally! You Can Know How Well Your Marketing Is Working

Call tracking and recording data reveals exactly which marketing campaigns are excelling, which ones can be improved, and which ones aren’t worth continuing.

CallHero Software Helps You Get Even More New Patients

Always Be Improving

With call tracking software you’ll have HIPPA compliant recordings of every call so you can continually improve your patient experience on the phone

Call Metrics You Can Use

Call metrics software shows how every staff member is doing with answer rates, booking rates, and other metrics. You’ll know who needs extra training, in what skill and with which phone script, and who and when to reward

Zero Data Entry Required

Conversation analysis software uses voice recognition technology to identify who takes each call and why a booking didn’t happen, so you can target your training to each individual

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Each marketing campaign can use a unique tracking phone number so you’ll now exactly how much revenue is coming in from each source – Google, Facebook, print, cdoctors email, referrals, direct mail, etc

Set Meaningful Goals

Call metric data empowers you to set clear goals for answer rates, booking rates, winback rates, and more – for each staff member, each specialist, each shift, and each location

Winback Lost Patients & Missed Callers

Easily listen to recordings of missed or lost patients to follow up and win them back. You can know each team member’s success rate and the revenue they’ve earned.

Book a demo below to take a look under the hood at how other clinic owners are using Call Hero to boost their monthly revenue without spending more on marketing...

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Why CallHero: Because Your Marketing Isn’t Working…Or Is It?

How much are you spending on marketing each month for your health clinic? I’m Rick Lau, and I began with just one clinic, and eventually expanded to five. But I was making less money with five clinics than I was with one. So I did what most clinic owners would do – I increased my marketing.

But what I didn’t realize was that my marketing actually was working. The problem was, my front desk teams were only answering the phones about 70% of the time. New patients – calling because they saw and responded to my marketing – were being missed for the simple reason that their calls weren’t being answered.

Furthermore, I realized that when my team did answer the phones, they were saying the wrong things. Because I hadn’t trained them right.

These discoveries opened up the door to a new way of running my business, one that eventually led me to owning 127 multi-disciplinary physiotherapy clinics, which I later sold.

But even with 27 agents working the phones, it wasn’t producing the profits we should have been seeing. Having a call center is great for systems and metrics. It was worth doing. But if you don’t do it right, it produces a horrible patient experience, much like you get from insurance companies, banks, and airlines. When I finally figured out what we were doing wrong, I realized that just about every other health clinic – dentists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and private practice doctors and physicians – had the same problem.

Marketing is important. And many health clinics are wasting money on ineffective marketing. I spent millions on Google, Facebook, print, and doctor marketing. I have seen the money circling the drain.

But marketing isn’t enough. Your patient experience on the phone, and the efficiency of your phone operations, is what ultimately enables you to maximize revenue.

This is why I built CallHero.

So you can have the systems and processes of a call center that is HIPPA compliant, as well as a way to keep your teams trained, accountable for booking new patients, and with a positive attitude because you have given them the tools to succeed. And, it all links up to your marketing so you know what’s working and what isn’t. Those systems include call recording, call tracking, and conversation analysis.

As of last month, our system is analyzing over 100,000 calls to clinics and businesses every month. Clinics across the world – from Canada to the U.S. the U.K, and Australia – are using CallHero and seeing massive revenue spikes.

Here are a just a few:

Luke Fernandes increased his booking rate from 60% to 80%. How much more revenue would that mean for your clinic?

Allison Guercio boosted her monthly revenue by $2500 using CallHero.

Jason Bellefleur’s phone answer rate rose from 74% to 95%.

Katie White’s massage clinic boosted her revenue by $72,000 in 8 months.

Many more clinics of all types are using CallHero to achieve similar results. See more reviews here.

The Ultimate Guide to Call Recording

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What Types of Small Businesses Use Call Recording?

Any business that fields a large enough volume of calls that causes some to get missed can improve conversion rates using call recording. If you have dedicated staff assigned to answer calls, call recording will elevate their performance and enable them, and you, to consistently improve your phone service.

Ideal businesses that should use call recording include:

  • Dentists and dental offices
  • Doctors and physicians
  • Physical therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage therapists
  • Plumbers
  • Marketing agencies

Some marketing agencies specialize in a particular niche, such as health businesses. That means their callers tend to have similar issues and expectations. You can use call recording to start categorizing the types of calls you receive, and start developing customized phone scripts for different scenarios.

Learn the 3 Ways To Get More Patients From Your Phones by watching this video:

How Call Recording with CallHero Leads to Higher Revenue

Call recording is one of the primary foundations of marketing. You can run all the Google and Facebook ads you want (I have), but it won’t reward you with the profits you seek if your patient experience and phone operations aren’t performing as they should.

The best marketing campaign in the world will roll over and die when it goes up against a 60% answer rate. And we’ve seen them even lower than that at clinics just like yours.

But with call recording combined with other tools available through CallHero, you can take control of the core functions within your clinic’s operations, and start realizing the revenue gains your marketing should be delivering.

Here’s some of what chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other businesses can achieve using call recording:

  • Improve your conversations on the phone
  • Get faster and targeted analysis of phone calls that you can turn around with focused training
  • Winback missed callers and lost patients
  • Maximize your conversions from inbound and outbound calls
  • Reap the rewards your marketing campaigns should be producing, but aren’t

How does call recording deliver all this?

First, by listening to how your phone team is handling your callers – and by having them listen to particular examples from their own calls and other members of the team – you can very quickly hear how a great patient experience sounds, and how an average or poor one sounds.

If you want to improve your patient experience on the phone (in other words, before your clinicians even see them), this is where it begins. Here’s a 5-step plan for improving your patient experience.

Second, you’ll be able to track each marketing campaign down to the call. Suppose you run an ad group on Google that gets a 5% click or call rate, and another ad group that gets 3%. Which ad group is doing better?

Well, suppose the 3% group produces more actual bookings than the 5% one. With call recording, you can explore why the 5% ad group is underperforming at the key step of booking an appointment. Maybe those ads are attracting looky-loos and tire kickers. Maybe they’re attracting people who want insurance to pay for everything. Many other possible reasons this can happen. Your call recording will reveal what kinds of patients are calling from each of your campaigns.

You will know which campaigns are working. More importantly, you will know why.

Once your team realizes the incredible power of call recording, you can implement a training plan with two components:

Empowerment and reward.

  • Staff Empowerment from Call Recording

Maximized patient experiences depend on phone scripts. You simply cannot leave it up to your team (as if you would do any better) to ‘wing it’ on every call that comes in. Every call is important, and every caller needs to be led through a process that sets them and you up for successful outcomes.

Phone scripts are the only way to systematize that. There is no other way.

But phone scripts don’t work if no one uses them right. And how can you know if you’re using a phone script well? You got it – with call recording! Each team member can listen to their own calls and see where they got off script and what happened as a result. They can also be empowered to listen to recorded calls from other staff members that have similar attributes to the issues they are struggling with.

You can let them hear successful calls and failed calls. You are showing them how to get better. This is what a great call sounds like. This is how a great call feels.

Call recording is the single greatest asset at your disposal for training your team to get better.

Here’s an example of a phone script for calling back missed patients. Share it with your team in your next training session. Why this script?

Because it’s much easier to win back lost patients than to attract new ones. You want both, but most clinics spend almost all their marketing energy attracting new patients – the more difficult of the two tasks. Consistently winning back missed callers is an easier path to sustained revenue.

Using call recording, you can start improving your winbacks, and this phone script will help.

Winning back lost patients should be a key component of your marketing plan. See 3 key steps to hitting your marketing goals.

Watch this helpful video about how to win back lost physio patients:

  • Staff Rewards from Call Recording

An empowered staff is a motivated staff. To a point. But you will need more if you want to sustain the momentum your call recording and phone scripts will initially produce.

With data from call recording and call tracking, your staff can set and achieve goals, as can the entire clinic. If you have multiple locations, each location can set their own goals. And here comes the motivation. With such clear goals now possible, you can also institute rewards that actually mean something. For example:

Denise hit an 80% booking rate for the first time! Here’s her reward for achieving her goal. Mason reduced his missed calls to under 10%. Here’s his reward. Julie earned $3500 in revenue through winbacks this month. Here’s her reward.

See how that works? Your team will now be motivated by specific rewards that come from achieving specific goals. No more “great job team” empty compliments based on nothing more than feelings and the desire to please people.

With call recording, you can talk about real achievements and happily deliver real rewards because you know their work is producing tangible revenue gains.

So, what should your rewards be?

So glad you asked. Here are 28 ways to reward your staff without giving them a raise.

You also want to create a great clinic culture to make all these systems work better for the long run. It will affect who and how you hire. It will affect your long-term planning. So much more. See 11 keys to a great clinic culture.

Check out this episode of New Patient Secrets with Dee Bills, where you will learn How to Get Your Front Desk to Sell Without Being Salesy:

How to Analyze Recorded Calls

Now, you might be thinking – all this sounds great. But I don’t have time to listen to hundreds of calls just to find a few gems that will tell me what I need to know and be useful for training.

And you are right. No one has time for this.

That’s why CallHero developed a system for Conversation Analysis. Our software analyzes each call and, by identifying particular keywords in the conversation, categorizes each call. So if a person doesn’t book and the reason is cost, that will get flagged differently than another caller whose insurance won’t pay for their treatment.

If you want to train a team member on handling calls with an objection about price, you can find those calls quickly and choose some good examples.

You can also filter calls by duration. Calls that last just a few seconds won’t be very valuable.

And, you can filter calls down to each agent. So if one agent has a really low booking rate or struggles with winbacks, you can listen to just those calls. Or, go find the agent with the highest rates, and have that person listen to their own calls and then the calls with the person who is struggling. With this approach, you can empower your team to use call recording to coach each other, and you can sit back and not always feel like the bad guy.

This goes back to clinic culture. If your culture is built around continuous improvement, then these interactions will not feel like punishing performance reviews. They are opportunities to keep getting better.

How Does Inbound Call Recording Work at CallHero?

The system automatically records each call that comes in, after informing the caller that their call is being recorded. This is necessary to comply with HIPPA.

You can get a written transcript of every call. For training purposes in particular, this is very helpful. If you’re using phone scripts, a printout allows you to identify trouble spots much easier.

You can also set up tracking numbers for your inbound calls. What’s a tracking number? It is a unique phone number assigned to a particular marketing campaign.

So, one set of Google Ads will have one number, another ad group will have a different number. Your Facebook campaign will have yet another, and your print campaigns and three different doctor marketing campaigns each have their own tracking numbers.

The call recordings will therefore be organized according to the source of the calls.

Last, you can listen to the inbound calls of any member of your team. And you can flag each call and send that recording to them, which they can access through their login account.

How Does Outbound Call Recording Work at CallHero?

For outbound calls, such as winbacks of lost patients or missed callers, you can set it up to record the call before you make the call. Similar privacy notifications can occur at the start of the call, or can be stated in person by the caller if you don’t want the robot voice interrupting your call. Or, you can do one-sided recording – more detail on that in a bit.

Call recording can be turned on and off for each outbound call, so if you’re calling a vendor you don’t need to worry about the call being recorded.

There are actually 7 types of extremely valuable and revenue-generating outbound calls your clinic can and should be making and recording, including callers who didn’t book, callers who left no voicemail, and active patients who fail to complete a plan of care. See all 7 types of outbound calls.

You can also watch this full recording on How to Reduce 80% of Your Patient Cancellations:

Do You Have to Tell the Caller You’re Recording Them?

The laws for notifying callers that a call is being recorded vary by state, province, and country.

The only way to be safe from legal scrutiny is to always notify your callers that the call is being recorded.

For inbound calls, you can customize the automated voice prompt that informs your callers they are being recorded. If the caller requests the call not be recorded, CallHero allows you to turn off recording with the push of a button. It could not be easier.

For outbound calling, CallHero only uses one-sided calling. This means only the caller – your staff person in this case – is recorded. This way, the person being called does not need to be prompted that a recording is happening. This allows you to avoid the awkwardness of calling up a patient to follow up and then having to immediately tell them you’re recording the call.

How Safe and Secure Are Call Recordings?

Privacy in call recording is job one. If you fail here, the whole system crashes, so we have taken great care to ensure the strictest standards of privacy are adhered to in all situations so everything is compliant with HIPPA. CallHero was built from the ground up to comply with HIPPA, and we have taken no chances on falling short.

Maximize Your Inbound Conversion Rates

Get real time metrics of all your call activity inside your inbound call funnel.  You can now keep your team accountable to results and train them with phone scripts in CallHero “Academy”  

Maximize Your Outbound Conversion Rates 

Easily get the conversion rates of each team member with CallHero. You can increase your outbound conversion rates by listen to call recordings and coaching your team with phone scripts

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Call Tracking reveals what marketing campaigns are generating you phone calls. Know exactly how many new patients are booked from all your website, email, Google, Facebook, Webinars, Community Events, and Doctor Marketing campaigns

Easily Winback "Missed" Callers

Instead of losing patients who called and didn’t leave a voicemail, easily view all of your missed calls and take action by getting your teams to follow up and book them for an appointment.

Easily Winback "Lost" New Patients

Instead of losing the new patients who called you and “did not book”… Win them back. You can easily listen to call recordings and call them back.

VIP Access to Rick's Marketing Tuesdays 

Get VIP access to Rick's Marketing Tuesdays sessions with CallHero. He will reveal the latest phone scripts & marketing funnels that are working across hundreds of clinics inside the marketing labs.

Want To See Call Hero In Action?

Book a demo below to take a look under the hood at how other clinic owners are using Call Hero to boost their monthly revenue without spending more on marketing.

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CallHero is used by physical therapists, chiropractors, dentists, doctors, and other healthcare clinic owners

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Can You See Why So Many Clinic Owners Just Like You Are Using CallHero?

"I made $17,000 in winbacks and my admin staff loves it"


"I made an extra $2500/month because of CallHero"


"By using winbacks daily, I'm seeing big revenue gains across my 20 clinics"


"I'm able to implement a system to easily track every new patient that does not book


"I made $8,000 this month using CallHero and I don't miss phone calls anymore." 


"Now we can track my front desk phone performance across 3 my clinics"


"Now I can hold my front desk accountable for their conversion numbers"


"I made an extra $15,000/month because of CallHero"


"I love how I can listen to recorded calls to help coach staff to book more patients"


"I increased my booking rate from 60% to 80% with CallHero"


"Within a few months my answer rate jumped from 74% to 95%"


"I made $72,000 using CallHero in the last 8 months at my massage clinic"

Find Out What’s Really Going On with Your Phones

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Can I Record a Phone Conversation?

Yes, but for any business or health clinic to record a call, you must notify the caller that the call is being recorded. The only way around this is if you do one-sided recording and only record the person from your business and not the caller. Every state, country, and province has different laws and standards related to call recording. Consult your local laws.

How Do You Ask for Consent to Record a Conversation?

The simplest and most common way to get consent for call recording is to use an automated recording at the start of a call when a person calls your health clinic or business. If they do not wish to be recorded, they can either hang up or request that their call not be recorded, and you must be able to comply with their request if you want to continue on the call. Again, consult with an attorney for specific details and requirements in your area.

How Can I Record All Calls for My Business?

Using call recording software, recording calls to your business is easy. You just need a system that can interact with your phones and activate every time a person calls. The best software systems, such as CallHero, can also analyze the conversation, categorize it based on a variety of factors such as the team member speaking, the subject of the call, which marketing campaign it came from, and length.