Hi. We're CallHero.

We Believe Patient Experience is Everything!

Every single patient touch point is critical. That's why it's so important to make every conversation count.

  CallHero is designed to give you peace of mind on the lifeline of your business — the patient experience with your phones! 

Easily Measure and Train Your Team To Dramatically Convert Even More Phone Calls into New Patients without Having To Rely On Marketing

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The Story Behind Our Story

Hey my name is Rick Lau and 15 years ago I decided to open a clinic. I built a successful chain of over 100 clinics, and have since moved on to build two more successful healthcare companies.

To get patients in the door, I was spending thousands of dollars every month on marketing. But I just wasn’t filling the books or seeing increases in revenue like I thought I should be. 

I thought my team were doing a great job answering the phones. Until one day, I got a phone call from a friend telling me they’d called my clinic 4 times.

The first and second time no one picked up the phone. The third time they were put on hold. But not just for a minute, for ages, so that, in the end he just hung up.

He gave it one more time and finally the front desk answered. But he told me they sounded irritated, weren’t very helpful and could almost be classified as rude, so he decided not to book after all.

I thought my team were doing a great job answering the phones. And I was wrong.

Then I met Sanjeev Bhatia, and he was having a similar problem. Sanjeev was working with one of Canada's largest healthcare businesses with 130 clinics across the country.

He was frustrated his healthcare marketing dollars were not generating more phone calls. And he was listening to over 500 calls each week to determine why the front desk was not answering or saying the wrong thing over the phones.

I did something about these problems we were facing. I got my buddy to help me create a solution — CallHero!

We called it, HubSpot.
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Patients now judge their healthcare experience the same way they do with retail.  Years ago patients had no other option BUT to accept poor customer service in exchange for great healthcare. Now that's all changed. 

Rick Lau  Founder CallHero


An idea in the moment has sparked a global movement to improve patient experience over the phones forever. And we’re just getting started.

Call Recording

Call recording is a software-enabled business asset that allows businesses to record incoming and outgoing calls. 

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Call Tracking

Call Tracking gives you complete visibility in how you’re doing on the phones from how many calls you’re getting, missing, booking rate, and win-back rate. 

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Call Metrics

Call recording is a software-enabled business asset that allows businesses to record incoming and outgoing calls.

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Conversion Analysis

Call Tracking Metrics allows you to get the maximum number of patients from your phones and avoid wasteful advertising.

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Answering Service

Find out how an answering service can save lost appointments and revenue

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Our Core Values

It’s a big deal for us to be a transparent company and hold the highest morals, not just for ourselves, but most importantly, for you. Early on, we defined the top five values that we live by. As we continue to grow and expand, these core values will always keep us grounded. We promise, you can hold us to that.

CUSTOMER OBSESSION. Our mission is to create magical moments for all our clients. Pay attention to every detail and go above and beyond whenever possible to create a unique experience that makes a lasting impression

ACCOUNTABLE. Our philosophy is do what you say, say what you mean. We are a data driven company and must be accountable and take ownership. We have the ultimate control of what we do. We are accountable to our peers, our clients, our organization and more importantly, ourselves. Making an excuse is easy but making it happen is what give our clients stunning value

RE INNOVATE. ALWAYS. We are trendsetters. We are constantly challenging the status quo, listening to our clients feedback, and validating our assumptions to build the best solution for our clients. We aim to do things that have never been done before, and be brave and curious about new ideas. Remember that we are on a mission to change the world. Never stop learning and pushing each other to improve

EMPATHY. Seek to understand, not just to be understood. Build trusting and lasting relationships through being relatable, empathetic and care so much it hurts. Be reliable for your team and clients, and work collaboratively to support each other. Have each other’s back. We are a group of people who value personal growth and love to have fun. Encouraging each other to challenge the tasks that we love doing, and inspire each other to pursue our area’s of strength

SIMPLICTY. We value value simplicity and avoid complexity. We strive for clarity and consistency, make decisions quickly and pragmatically and focus on what’s essential

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The CallHero Team

Rick Lau,


Alan Hsu,


Ali Yazdani, Engineering

Rohan Raheja, Finance

Daniel Nortey, 

UX Designer

Sanjeev Bhatia, Customer Success

Kristoffer Leobrera, Sales

Katrina Linchangco, Sales

Shaida Rabie, Marketing

Francesca Omillo, Marketing

Merch Masubia, Marketing

Jessieca Roderno, Operations

Richard Bautista, Operations

Paul John Murillo, Operations

Gerro Abary, Customer Sucess

Patrick Aran,

Call Auditor

Erika Montemayor, Call Auditor

Kirsten Sandoval, Call Auditor

Kate Acosta,  

Call Data Auditor

Mercedez Merced, Call Data Auditor

Mark  Manguera, Client Support Representative

Olive Sernal,

Client Support Representative

Amy Subagan, Client Support Representative

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Join Our Team

Providing customer solutions is a team sport.

Customer Success

World-class support and service to help our customers achieve success.


Leading the way with creative inbound marketing that cuts through the noise.


Helping customers find ideal solutions to propel their business.


Building software our customers rely on and love.

UX Design

Enhance customer satisfaction through consistent product improvements.


Keeping the company balanced.

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Open Positions

Account Executive (3+ yrs exp req.) 


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