Never Miss a New Patient Call or Appointment Again With An Call Hero's Answering Service

Why Do I Need An Answering Service?

What do you do when your receptionist calls in sick?

Someone calls your practice when they are on break, at lunch, or not working?

For many clinics they just let them go to voicemail never to hear from that caller again. And hiring an extra part time receptionist during these times is not worth it to most businesses.

That's where an Answering Service (a.k.a virtual receptionist) can help. When your admin is on lunch, break, sick, not working or busy they can just press a button and have an answering service take the call.

Saving the lost appointment or new patient. It's like having a full front desk team, that's specifically trained for the health care industry, at your fingertips when you need them at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time employee.

3 Reasons Every Business Should Have An Answering Service

Save Lost Appointments

When was the last time a potential new patient called in again after going to voicemail? If you're not like most, almost never. In fact, 85% of callers who go voicemail never call back.

You see, I was spending $147,000/month on facebook and google and my clinicians schedules were still empty. After phone testing my clinics I discovered that my front desk was only answering 70% of calls. So 300 calls a month I was missing. The average lifetime value of a patient for me was $1,000. The way I see it, for every phone call I didn't answer, it was like throwing a $1,000 out the window.

In fact, the average clinic only answers 70% of calls. An answering service can save these lost appointments from new and current patients.

Make More Money and Save Money

Hiring a professional answering service like Call Hero costs a fraction of the price of hiring a part time or full time employee.

Best of all you only pay when you need them saving you money.

Great to use during peak call hours or whenever your receptionist gets overloaded. An answering service can take the burden off your front desk. You don’t have to give them any benefits, insurance, and can cancel whenever you want without the uncomfortable conversation.

No More Voicemails

There is nothing worse for a potential patient than hearing the dreaded voicemail. It says a lot about your business to a potential patient. By having a virtual receptionist you can deliver an exceptional patient experience instead of them bouncing to your competitor.

You’ll have a professionally-trained receptionist at your command so you never miss another appointment. 

How Does Call Hero's Phone Answering Service Work?

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1.) Simply give us your script you want us to use when greeting the caller.

2.) Press a button when your admin goes on break, lunch, sick, or is overloaded. Then a professionally-trained virtual receptionist will answer all your calls and your patient will receive the same level of care as if they were talking to your front desk.

3.) We gather all the important details you need like full name, phone number and any other info you would like. Then we forward the information to you or your front desk.

Save Lost Appointments With CallHero

Plus You'll Get Access To Full Suite of Business Growth Features Like:

Uncover Hidden Profits

Know hour by hour, day by day when you’re getting the most calls and missed calls. Armed with this data you can more efficiently schedule staff work hours around those times or know when to use Call Hero's Call Answering Service to supplement your front desk.

Improve Your Marketing ROI

Call Hero tells you the ROI of your ads on adwords, facebook, google, yellow pages, referral pads, and everywhere else you're advertising. So you know what's working or not. Then can cut the losers and shift marketing dollars to what's working.  Plus when combined with Call Hero’s answering service you'll never have to worry about wasting advertising money because of missed calls.

Train and Manage Your Staff More Effectively

You'll know exactly how your staff is performing on the phones. From their exact answer rate, booking rate, and win back rate. Plus Call Hero's advanced voice recognition technology even tells you the exact reason they didn't book. So you know who needs some help and what scripts to work on. Boosting your book rate on the phones.

Win Back Patients

Easily see how many missed calls you got so you can follow up with them to win them back.  Call Hero gives you proven winback scripts that convert up to 40% of did not books. You'll know each team member's win back rate and revenue generated.

Book a Demo To Take a Look Under The Hood At How Call Hero Is Helping Other Clinic Owners Increase Than Monthly Revenue

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Or call us at 866-789-4376 to get your questions answered right now.

Who Uses Answering Services?

There are:

  1. 1
    Answering Service For Dentist / Dental Offices
  2. 2
    Answering Service For Doctors / Physicians
  3. 3
    Answering Service For Physical Therapists
  4. 4
    Answering Service For Chiropractors
  5. 5
    Answering Service For Massage Therapists
  6. 6
    Answering Service For Plumbers
  7. 7
    Answering Service For Businesses
  8. 8
    Answering Service For Marketing Agencies
  9. 9
    Answering Service For Medi and Cosmetic Spas

Luke Fernandes increased his booking rate from 60% to 80%. How much more revenue would that mean for your clinic?

Allison Guercio boosted her monthly revenue by $2500 using CallHero.

Jason Bellefleur’s phone answer rate rose from 74% to 95%.

Katie White’s massage clinic boosted her revenue by $72,000 in 8 months.

Many more clinics of all types are using CallHero to achieve similar results. See more reviews here.

CallHero is used by physical therapists, chiropractors, dentists, doctors, and other healthcare clinic owners

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Can You See Why So Many Clinic Owners Just Like You Are Using CallHero?

"I made $17,000 in winbacks and my admin staff loves it"


"I made an extra $2500/month because of CallHero"


"By using winbacks daily, I'm seeing big revenue gains across my 20 clinics"


"I'm able to implement a system to easily track every new patient that does not book


"I made $8,000 this month using CallHero and I don't miss phone calls anymore." 


"Now we can track my front desk phone performance across 3 my clinics"


"Now I can hold my front desk accountable for their conversion numbers"


"I made an extra $15,000/month because of CallHero"


"I love how I can listen to recorded calls to help coach staff to book more patients"


"I increased my booking rate from 60% to 80% with CallHero"


"Within a few months my answer rate jumped from 74% to 95%"


"I made $72,000 using CallHero in the last 8 months at my massage clinic"

Save Lost Appointments With CallHero


Is this a 24/7 Answering Service?

No, it works during your open hours to compliment your front desk. You can use it anytime you need with a click of a button. You don’t even need to tell us the days you would need it.

Are there any commitments?

No, you can come and go as you please. There are no contracts to sign.

How much does an answering service cost?

We have different plans based on your needs. To get full pricing just click the button below to book a demo. It doesn’t cost you money. It makes you money. Just one lost patient Call Hero saves more than covers the monthly cost and the rest goes straight into your pocket.