The Ultimate Guide To CallHero's Phone Service For Clinics

Plus How to Get Rid of Your Business Phone Bill Completely

What is a Phone Service for Clinics?

What do clinic owners see in phone service's and what value does it bring to the table?  First the top benefits are lower costs and makes their lives easier.  These are top of the list of benefits clinic owners get by making the move to cloud based phone systems.

A Phone Service for Clinics (a.k.a virtual phone system) simply move telephone calls and data to the cloud. You simply use your computer or smartphone browser to make calls. Nothing to download or install.

Phone Service's for Clinics don't have you leaning on pricey hardware setups and maintenance.  The costs are significantly lower than traditional business phone systems. In fact, Call Hero's Phone Service is free with Call Hero phone analytics software.

From a features perspective phone service systems not only allow you to make and receive phone calls anywhere over an internet connection but they also offer virtual voicemail, call tracking, everything a traditional business telephone systems offers and much more like improving the patient experience. More about how it does that in a minute.

5 Benefits of Using a Phone Service For Clinics

1.) Cost Savings

Allows you to ditch your archaic phone system that charges you a fixed rate fee no matter how many minutes you use. A phone service for clinics offers a pay for what you use (pay per minute) which results in huge savings.

With Call Hero you don’t pay a dime. It’s included for free.

2.) Limited Hardware Requirements

Cost savings also come from not having to buy expensive hardware. With phone service's all you need is a reliable internet connection to get up and running.

3.) No Missed Appointments From Phone Outages

If there is a phone outage in your area it won't affect your phone service because it’s all in the cloud. If you use Call Hero we have multiple server locations to prevent outages and data loss. This prevents dropped calls and connections.

4.) No management

Phone services for clinics are easy to manage and require no maintenance on your part. Your cloud based phone provider like Call Hero will take care of everything for you like testing, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and your phones will always be constantly up to date. Also when a new feature comes up it’s deployed instantly with no downtime. Since all the hardware is in the cloud, you don’t have to buy any new hardware to get access to new features.

Also offers a user friendly system management tool so you can add and delete phone lines in seconds with just a click of a button. Also most systems allow you to use your existing phone number and they handle all the setup for you.

5.) Built in answering service by humans

With CallHero when your admin is on lunch break, sick, or busy they can just press a button and have our answering service take the call.

Great to use during peak call hours or whenever your receptionist gets overloaded. An answering service can take the burden off your front desk. You’ll have a professionally-trained virtual receptionist at your command so you never miss another appointment... at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. Right now we offer 7 days a week 7 am est to 8pm est

And text messages (coming soon!)

Watch this video to learn why your front desk spend 5 minutes talking to every new patient on the phone:

Or call us at 866-789-4376 to get your questions answered right now.

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More Than Just a Phone System. No Other Phone Service Can Do Even A Quarter What Call Hero Can Do For Clinics

1.) Uncover Hidden Profits

Call Hero tells you exactly when you're getting the most calls and missed calls. Tells you hour by hour and day by day. With this data at your fingertips you can more efficiently schedule staff hours or know when to use Call Hero's Answering service to save lost appointments.

2.) Enhance Your Marketing ROI

Ever wanted to know exactly how much a specific advertisement is making you? With Call Hero you'll know exactly which advertisements are producing the best ROI and which ones are wasting your money. Then you can shift marketing dollars to what's working. Tells you how many calls that specific advertisement generated and how many bookings came in from that advertisement. Allowing you to hold your marketing agency accountable.

3.) Find Out Why Callers Aren't Booking With You

Fact: the average clinic only books 60% of phone calls and the top clinics book 85%. Call Hero tells you the exact reason they didn't book so you can more effectively train your staff. It does this using advanced speech recognition technology trained on millions of phone conversations at clinics. Once a call is completed, it automatically tags the call with the exact objection.

Then you can review the calls and know exactly what your front desk needs help with.

Watch this quick video to learn how to get your front desk to sell without being 'salesy'.

4.) Hold Your Front Desk Accountable

With Call Hero's call tracking dashboard you can quickly scan through all of your front desk numbers. Like their specific answer rate, booking rate, and win back rate. Then you can tailor your training to what they need help with. For example say Susy is only answering 70% of calls but has a great booking rate of 85%. Now you know what she needs to work on. Or maybe she is overloaded at the front desk and needs some help during specific times. Call hero's answering service can help during peak hours. 

5.) Win Back Patients

Did you know you can win back up to 40% of patients who did not book or who called in but didn't leave a voicemail? It's true when you use a proven script. Call Hero tells you exactly who you can win back.

6.) Make And Receive Secure Calls Anytime and Anywhere 

You can even use it from home or from any mobile phone too. Your staff can even use it from their home as well.

7.) Free Local or toll-free Phone Numbers

We provide local or toll-free phone numbers, free of charge. It is 100% included in your Callhero Subscription already.

8.) Free Porting of Your Existing Phone Number.  

We offer a free porting of your clinic's existing phone number. Allowing you to use your existing landline numbers. 

9.) Call Forwarding

We give you the ability to automatically forward all calls to another phone number.

10.) Call Recording

You can record every single one of your clinics phone calls so you can playback anytime, and check in on your front desk receptionist.

11.) Smart Voicemail System With Transcription

Get all of your voicemails automatically transcripted so you can quickly read through voicemails from your computer or phone.

12.) Multi-Line Hunting

You can distribute your clinics phone calls made to one telephone number to the next available phone line (if line 1 is busy, rings line 2, if line 2 is busy, rings line 3, etc).

13.) Business Hour-Based Automated Call Routing

You can setup an automated call routing system. For example, if your clinic's call is made during business hours, you can forward calls to your mobile phone. Or, if a call is made outside of business hours, go to voicemail, etc.

13.) HIPAA/PHIPA compliant

We are 100% compliant with HIPAA/PHIPA. 

14.) Spam Call Blocking

Our Phone Service for Clinics Automatically blocks unwanted callers.

Check out this swipe post to learn how to winback lost patients over the phone:

Luke Fernandes increased his booking rate from 60% to 80%. How much more revenue would that mean for your clinic?

Allison Guercio boosted her monthly revenue by $2500 using CallHero.

Jason Bellefleur’s phone answer rate rose from 74% to 95%.

Katie White’s massage clinic boosted her revenue by $72,000 in 8 months.

Many more clinics of all types are using CallHero to achieve similar results. See more reviews here.

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"I made $17,000 in winbacks and my admin staff loves it"


"I made an extra $2500/month because of CallHero"


"By using winbacks daily, I'm seeing big revenue gains across my 20 clinics"


"I'm able to implement a system to easily track every new patient that does not book


"I made $8,000 this month using CallHero and I don't miss phone calls anymore." 


"Now we can track my front desk phone performance across 3 my clinics"


"Now I can hold my front desk accountable for their conversion numbers"


"I made an extra $15,000/month because of CallHero"


"I love how I can listen to recorded calls to help coach staff to book more patients"


"I increased my booking rate from 60% to 80% with CallHero"


"Within a few months my answer rate jumped from 74% to 95%"


"I made $72,000 using CallHero in the last 8 months at my massage clinic"

Find Out How Other Clinic Owners Are Boosting Their Revenue With a Call Hero

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Can I use my existing phone number?

Yes, we can port your existing phone number over. We even handle all of that for you. No extra cost. We also have local and toll free numbers you can use.

How many phone lines do I get?

We give you 10 phone lines for free.

Is it really free?

Yes! It’s included free inside of your subscription to Call Hero