Most Clinics Lose 37% In Revenue From Their Phones

Callhero’s AI-Powered Call Recording and Call Tracking software
uncovers little leaks that keep clinics poor

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Callhero Tells You Where Your Revenue Leaks Are and
How To Fix Them To Boost Your Bottomline

Jamie always assumed his front desk was doing a good job on the phones. He never would have guessed he was losing $15k/month until using Callhero.“It’s like a $15,000.00/mo lift almost instantly” - Jamie Grimes. Callhero gives you a complete overview at a glance of how your front desk is performing on the phones from answer, booking, and win-back rate. Plus tells you why it is that way. For example, Susy is only booking 50% of calls. CallHero tells you why and then trains them for you with CallHero Academy to boost their booking rate up to 85%.

CallHero's conversational analysis  AI records and automatically tags the call with the exact reason they didn't book for each of your receptionists so you don't have to listen to phone calls. Allowing you to train your front desk more efficiently and effectively to book even more patients. Fully HIPPA compliant.

CallHero's call tracking and call recording software matches incoming calls to your marketing campaigns like facebook, google, seo, referrals, yellow pages, doctor pads, etc. Tells you how many calls, how many booked patients, and how much revenue each of your campaigns generated.  So you can make smarter decisions with your marketing money and shift your money away from what's not working toward what is.

Tells You The Times/Days The Most
Missed Calls Happen

Know hour by hour, day by day when you’re getting the most calls and missed calls. Armed with this data you can more efficiently schedule staff work hours around those times or know when to use CallHero's Push button Answering to back up your front desk during peak hours.

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Win Back "Lost" Patients

"I made $17,000 with CallHero software and my staff loves it"

"By using CallHero winbacks daily, I'm seeing big revenue
gains across my 21 clinics"

Boost Your Booking And Answer
Rate With CallHero Academy

Don't have time or know how to train your front desk? Have CallHero Academy do it all for you. Your front desk can simply log in and get instant access to proven phone scripts to handle virtually any objection. Like price, that time doesn’t work for me, let me call you back, do you offer xyz, etc.

Plus contains 13 front desk training modules to go through whenever they like created by Sanjeev Bhatia... who spent 15 years in the trenches running patient experience operations for both Lifemark (400+ clinics) and Myodetox. Included FREE.

Book More Calls With Call
Metrics & Recording

Get real time metrics of your call funnel and keep your team accountable to results. Increasing your answer rates by setting daily targets. What gets measured gets done. This will transform the phone culture and call management systems at your business. You can also find out what hours you are missing the most calls and optimize your staff schedules

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Save lost Appointments With CallHero's
Push Button Answering Service

Backs Up Your Front Desk

When your receptionist goes on lunch break, calls in sick, goes on vacation, or quits just click a button inside CallHero and have our fully-trained Virtual Receptionist immediately take the calls. So you never miss a prospective patient again. Works with your current phone system and phone number too.. You just forward your calls to us. This is optional but there if you need it.

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We Book Directly Into Your Clinics EMR

We book directly into your clinics EMR and can do everything your front desk can do... (notes, tasks, reschedules, sick appointments, cancels, no shows)
We are compatible with the following EMR's

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CallHero Tells You What's Working, What's Not, and How To Fix It

Call Recording

One of the most powerful features you can implement in your clinic is call recording. It can help you get more patients, train your staff more effectively, and dramatically improve the patient experience.

 Call Tracking

Callhero's Call Tracking gives you complete visibility in how you’re doing on the phones from how many calls you’re getting, missing, booking rate, and win-back rate.

Call Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics allows you to get the maximum number of patients from your phones and avoid wasteful advertising.

Front Desk Training

CallHero call recording tells you exactly what each one of your front desk needs to work on. Then trains them for you with Callhero Academy to help you convert even more callers into appointments and impact even more people in your community.  Included for free.

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Pricing Plans


$337/month or save $356/year
with annual plan.

Perfect if you own 1-4 clinics.
Include all features on this page.


USD monthly


Perfect if you own 5 clinics or more.
Includes all features on this page.

Custom Plan

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Clinics From U.S, Canada, United Kingdom, And Australia
Trust CallHero

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  • How Much Revenue Could You Be Losing From Your Phones Every Month?

    Use this convenient tool to find out in just 5 seconds. Click the button to the right or below if on mobile to see how much money you could be leaving on the table.

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Run Multiple Locations Inside One Platform

CallHero gives you all the call tracking and call metrics data you need at your fingers for all your locations. No matter how many phones you have. So no need for multiple providers.

 Always-Open Mobility

Your front desk can work from home by routing your clinic calls to their home or cell phone. All communications coming from your practice number.

Seamlessly Integrates With Your Existing Phone System and Phone Number In Seconds

If you don't want to use our free cloud based phone system. CallHero can integrate with your current phone system and existing phone number. We set it up all for you.

Know Why Someone Is Calling Before You Take The Call

CallHero tells you if they came from your sciatica ad or another before your front desk even picks up the phone. Even better, which ad and campaign generated the call so you can personalize the call.

Quickly Check How Your Front Desk Is Doing On The Go

Daily/weekly/monthly email reports let you know how your staff is doing on the phones anytime and anywhere. So you know when to step in or recognize your staff for great work.

Clinics From U.S, Canada, United Kingdom,
And Australia Trust CallHero

"I made $8,000 this month using CallHero and I don't miss phone calls anymore."

"I made an extra $2500/month because of CallHero"

"Now we can track my front desk phone performance across 3 my clinics"

"I made $72,000 using CallHero in the last 8 months at my massage clinic" 


"I'm able to implement a system to easily track every new patient that does not book"


"I was running blind before CallHero and didn't know my call metrics"


"I made an extra $15,000/month because of CallHero"


"Now I can hold my front desk accountable for their conversion numbers"


"CallHero has boosted my confidence with the phones"


"I increased my booking rate from 60% to 80% with CallHero"


"Within a few months my answer rate jumped from 74% to 95%"


"I thought she was doing a good job on the phones before CallHero"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! We are so confident you will be making money with CallHero we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you or your partner doesn't love it, we will refund your money. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Will CallHero work with my phone setup?

Like your internet modem, easily install the "CallHero Box" with your current phone system or connect remotely to your VOIP setup to start recording your calls.

How do you get my call data?

We have created an algorithm which goes through your recorded conversations and pulls out key information including how many new patients called you, how many were booked, did not book, why they didn’t book, and who took the call. Our call auditors will spot check the calls to provide 95% accuracy. We save you time so you don’t have to listen to thousands of phone calls to find out the outcome of each call.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No! We give constant updates to our software, add features and you get it all for FREE! Because CallHero is on the cloud, when we make an update or add new features, they automatically show up in your account!

Can I Afford CallHero?

If all you did was answered just 10 new patients calling per month (that’s 2-3 per week) and were able to convert just half of them, that could easily be an extra $5,000.00 each month. If all you did was "winback" missed callers and "winbacks" Lost New Patients "who did not book" and convert an extra 8 new patients per month (that's 2 per week), that could easily be an extra $4,000.00 each month

Do I need to let callers know they are being recorded?

Yes, and CallHero takes care of that for you. At the beginning of each call a quick message stating “this call is being recorded for quality and training purposes” will be announced prior to your team answering the call.

Will CallHero be effective for small clinics?

Our clients start seeing up to 10x ROI in CallHero when they hit about 200 calls per month (10 calls per day). Whether you are getting 200 calls per month, or 2000 calls per month each new patient is still worth alot of money.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes! Privacy is our top priority, and we built CallHero from the ground up to make sure everything is secure. We have the strictest standards to privacy and are Hippa compliant

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just click on the "support" link in your CallHero dashboard or type on the chatbox (on the bottom corner)