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Easily Measure and Train Your Team To Convert Even More Phone Calls into New Patients with CallHero.

With CallHero software, you'll be able to...

✓  Get real time metrics of your call funnel and keep your team accountable

✓  Easily listen to lost calls that “did not book” and send comments to your team

✓  Winback new patients, even if they didn’t book with you yesterday

✓  Winback missed callers, even if they didn’t leave you a voicemail

✓ Easily measure your marketing campaigns and know exactly how many new patients are booked

Important! What To Do Next

Included in your phone training guide is your FREE Mystery Caller Audit.  Find out whether your clinic is answering the phones and what your answer rate is.  

Schedule your Mystery Caller call now. 

Schedule My Mystery Caller Audit
Mystery Caller, will very soon begin calling your clinic over the next three weeks. It will monitor two things: 

1. If someone answers the phone at all.

2. If they do answer, how long it takes to do so. 

About four weeks from now in your Mystery Caller call, you’ll be given tips for how to quickly train your team to use the 23 phone scripts and the Mystery Caller results. We’ll talk about what you can do to start winning new patients over the phone that you would have lost before.

Your team will love this training because it will equip them with new skills, and they will see the results when more patients start booking appointments.

Some good advice: Don’t tell your staff about the Mystery Caller Audit. You want to know what’s happening now – what’s a normal "answer rate" for your clinic. Then you can more effectively train them.

Don’t look at this as a way to “catch” your team in the act of missing calls. The truth is, most clinics underperform at this, because it’s a learned skillset and they simply haven’t been trained. This is an opportunity to grow revenue, empower your team, and collect valuable data.

You will want to get your "answer rate" results as soon as the 3-week testing period is completed. Click here to schedule your quick 15 minute call. That’s when you’ll be given the report of your call data. 

Book it after October 5. But don’t wait, because our schedule will fill up fast, and you want your results as soon as we have them.

Schedule My Mystery Caller Audit

Talk Soon,

Rick Lau