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Never Miss a Call Again -Schedule Smarter, Earn More

With CallHero, you'll know your clinic's peak call hours and days. Optimize your staff schedules or use CallHero's Push Button Answering to support your front desk during busy periods, ensuring you never miss a call - or an opportunity for revenue - again.

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Real Results From Clinics Like Yours

“I made $17,000 with CallHero and my receptionists loves it + $17,000 increase in quarterly revenue"

“I increased my booking rate from 60% to 80% with CallHero + 80% booking rate"

“I’m seeing big revenue gains across my 21 clinics + $82,330 increase in monthly revenue"

Uncover Hidden Inefficiencies To Boost Revenue

No more guesswork. Uncover the hidden inefficiencies that could be costing you thousands of dollars each month. Like Jamie Grimes, who was losing $15,000/month before CallHero. CallHero provides a crystal-clear overview of your front desk's phone performance and uncovers the reasons behind their booking rates. Our CallHero Academy will then train your staff, boosting their booking rate up to 85%.

Win Back Lost Patients & Ignite Your Revenue Growth

Rekindle lost revenue by winning back patients who slipped through the cracks. Our clients have experienced phenomenal revenue gains across their clinics, and you can too, with the power of CallHero's winback feature.

Keep Your Team Accountable & Watch Your Clinic Thrive

Transform your clinic's phone culture with real-time metrics, daily targets, and call recordings. CallHero revolutionizes your call management systems, leading to increased efficiency, and soaring revenue.

Unleash the Power of AI to Convert More Callers into Patients

Equip your team with the ultimate tool to win over hesitant callers. CallHero's Conversational Analysis AI pinpoints the exact reasons patients aren't booking and helps your front desk optimize their approach. Fully HIPAA compliant, our system works tirelessly to turn more callers into loyal patients.

Optimize Your Marketing Spend & Maximize ROI

Stop wasting money on underperforming marketing campaigns. CallHero's advanced call tracking and recording software connects incoming calls to your campaigns, giving you invaluable insights into which channels truly drive results. Reallocate your budget to the campaigns that matter and watch your clinic flourish.

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How Much Revenue Could You Be Losing From Your Phones Every Month?

Use this tool to find out in just 5 seconds. Click the button to see how much money you are losing each month from your phones.

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Can You See Why So Many Clinic Owners Just Like You Are Using Callhero?

"I made $8,000 this month using CallHero and I don't miss phone calls anymore."

"I made an extra $2500/month because of CallHero"

"Now we can track my front desk phone performance across 3 my clinics"

"I'm able to implement a system to easily track every new patient that does not book"

"I made $72,000 using CallHero in the last 8 months at my massage clinic"

"I was running blind before CallHero and didn't know my call metrics"

"I made an extra $15,000/month because of CallHero"

"Now I can hold my front desk accountable for their conversion numbers"

"CallHero has boosted my confidence with the phones"


"I increased my booking rate from 60% to 80% with CallHero"


"Within a few months my answer rate jumped from 74% to 95%"


"I thought she was doing a good job on the phones before CallHero"

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