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The Smart Way to Bring On a Junior Partner to Run and Grow Your Clinic

On this episode of New Patient Secrets with Paul, you will learn...

✔ The 6 key qualities that make up a great junior partner (including the #1 quality that most don't think about).

✔ The 90 Day Challenge: How we test out a potential junior partner so we know they’re the right fit and avoid bringing on the wrong person.

✔ How to onboard and train your junior partner to accelerate their success.

✔ Should your junior partner be a clinician, business (MBA), or office manager?  We’ll share our experience from hiring partners to run our 127 clinics.

✔ Live Q&A at the end to get all your questions answered.

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Has spent 15 years as Chief Operating Officer at PT Health, one of Canada's largest rehab companies with over 1400 employees and 127 locations. He is also the co-founder of Clinic Supplies Canada (the fastest growing e-commerce site for rehab products in Canada), Body Restoration, and Clinic Accelerator. He is a clinic operations master and has extensive experience bringing on junior partners and mentoring them to grow the business.


Rick built three 10 million dollar healthcare businesses over the past 15 years including a network of 127 clinics with over 1400 employees. He is one of the most sought-after mentors for clinic owners in Canada and USA where he helps owners double, triple, and even quadruple their profits by optimizing their clinic operations using his proven systems and leadership strategies. Plus he has spent over millions in google and facebook ads during his career. You can follow him on Instagram