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How To Reply To A Clinician That Just Asked You For A Higher Fee Split

Here's What You'll Discover In Under an Hour:
  • Review the compensation template ($$$) we show each clinician which details how they get paid now and how their fee split changes over time.
  • We will share ways on how to increase a clinician's pay without changing their fee split.
  • Hear from other clinic owners and how they replied to a clinician asking for more pay (fee split)
  • We'll do a deep dive on a real clinician that asked for a higher fee split.
  • Share your scenario and get your questions answered on how and when to change a clinician's pay.
  • And more!

BONUS: Get the Clinician Compensation Package Template

WARNING: We had over 398 clinic owners register for the webinar. You’ll learn negotiation scripts and questions, ways on how to increase a clinician's pay without changing their fee split and more!

Spent 15 years in the trenches running patient experience operations for both Lifemark (400+ clinics) and Myodetox. His innovative approach to healthcare management is no doubt influenced by his MBA degree. Sanjeev is an expert in patient experience operations and sales.

A tech entrepreneur who has founded, bootstrapped, and developed many cloud-based software solutions, including Juvonno EMR. Today, Juvonno supports over 12,000 doctors and health practitioners worldwide and has doubled its annual revenue in 3 short years.