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How To Add An Extra $10k A Year To Your Pay As A Physio Or Chiro Without Working More Hours

Within an hour you'll discover...
  • The compensation model - when you understand how clinic owners structure their remuneration, incentives, and perks, your pay and raises make a lot more sense (applies to new grads too).
  • The smart way to approach your clinic owner for a performance review (what to say and what NOT to).
  • If you are currently under or over paid? This is a critical step in negotiating a higher pay.
  • The accelerated career path: a shortcut to going from clinician to clinic director or junior partner in the shortest time possible.
  • Live Q&A where I'll answer any questions you have about negotiating your salary.
  • And more!

WARNING: We had over 398 clinic owners register for the webinar. You’ll learn negotiation scripts and questions, ways on how to increase a clinician's pay without changing their fee split and more!

Darryl is one of the top clinical mentors in Canada. He has recruited and mentored 1000+ students and new grads over the past 10 years. He supports over 375 clinic owners with recruitment and clinician performance. He is a dynamic leader, educator, and clinician. He is the founder of Mentorship Bootcamp, PT harmony, the Chief Clinical Officer for Clinic Accelerator, and a  clinic owner. You can follow him on Instagram for updates.