How to Protect You and Your Clinic for the Second Wave Without Burning Out

On this FREE "4 week" workshop series, you will learn... 

  • How to protect your clinic's schedule during "running nose season" while minimizing cancellations and no shows.  
  • Discover the "step by step" business continuity playbook so you and your team are prepared from any potential threats from the 2nd wave
  • Discuss the different scenarios and how to plan for it so you are prepared (ie lockdown is announced, school closes again, patient tests positive, staff calls in sick last minute, clinician refuses to treat a patient, staff asks for extended time off)
  • What happens if a staff member (or their children) tests positive for COVID?  What is the best business process and how should this get communicated to all stakeholders
  • Experts share their 3 best kept tips on getting your clinicians to using virtual when they are resistant 
  • How to keep your teams and contractors focused (and productive) when they are fearful and anxious
  • Discover new techniques on managing stress and burnout that you can adopt right away 
  • How to create boundaries between patient care, running the business, and self care without feeling guilty or burning out 

This workshop series is perfect for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, or Athletic Therapists

Meet The Experts To Help You Survive This Crisis

Rick Lau

One of the top clinic owner mentors in Canada who is coaching over 200+ clinics and has survived 3 massive crisis in his lifetime

Karen Craven

Owner of multi million dollar physiotherapy clinic in Saskatchewan and has survived 2 massive crisis in her lifetime

Darryl Yardley

One of the top physiotherapy mentors in Canada. He has recruited and mentored over 250+ students and new grads. Darryl has survived 2 massive crisis in his lifetime

Stacey Campbell

A psychotherapist of over 10 years helping high performance entrepreneurs and businesses thrive in all conditions.

Paul Moon

Spent 15 years as Chief Operating Officer at PT Health, one of Canada's largest rehab companies with over 1400 employees. Paul has survived 3 massive crisis in his lifetime

Melissa Casimirri

Has worked within the healthcare, hospital, and private practice industries for over 10 years as an HR expert

Sanjeev Bhatia

Spent 15 years running patient experience operations for both Lifemark (400+ clinics) and Myodetox (11+ clinics). Sanjeev has survived 3 massive crisis in his lifetime

Paul Wright

A former “Speaker of the Year”, author of the Amazon Best Seller “How to Run a One Minute Practice” - and featured presenter at health business conferences in Australia, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and the UK

Karim Meghji

Chair of Private Practice at Canadian Physiotherapy Association and owner of a highly profitable small practice. Karim has survived 2 massive crisis in his lifetime

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