Hi, I'm Darryl Yardley, PT

And I connect physiotherapists and clinic owners.

After working as a physiotherapist for well over a decade, I discovered two problems:

• Physios have trouble finding the right clinic and owner(s).

•  Clinic owners who desperately need a great physio and can't find them.

So, I created PT Harmony. This is the only place where clinic owners and physios are directly connected in Canada.



That work culture you're excited to be a part of EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!


Over the course of 10+ years in the recruitment game, hundreds of physios have found amazing clinics & growth opportunities.


"Darryl, I wanted you to know that I have accepted my offer at the clinic. I am so so thankful to you for guiding me and helping me understand what really matters to me and aligns with my goal. The clinic is offering me a lot of mentorship and support in other forms that is very valuable and more then anything I feel very comfortable around my mentors there. As a new grad I feel really blessed to have this opportunity and I'm grateful to you for helping me acquire this clarity. That session was extremely helpful. Thank you so much again, I hope to be in touch with you in the coming months."

- Physiotherapist, British Columbia

About Darryl Yardley, PT

Darryl has been a physio for more than a decade. He's mentored and helped hundreds of physios go from new grad to all-star physio to clinic director to junior partner. He supports over 400 clinic owners with recruitment and clinician performance. He teaches business and practice management content at four universities in Canada and is currently the Professor for Business and Entrepreneurship in Physical Therapy at Western University.

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