We Help Physios Find Positions They Love and Feel Valued.

Tell us what you’re looking for and what motivates you - we’ll connect you with a clinic you'll love and a clinic owner that values you. 

Plus you'll get free mentorship from Canada’s #1 private practice physio coach Darryl Yardley.

Far too often Darryl has conversations with clinicians who find themselves in poor job situations, without mentorship, feel under appreciated, and are stagnant in their career (to name a few). Don't let this be you...

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PT Harmony finds your dream clinic whether you’re a new grad looking for your first physio job… An experienced PT who is tired of treating all the time and wants to be a clinic lead or clinic director... Or you just don’t like the clinic you’re working at and want to find a better fit for you and pays you what you deserve. That’s where PT harmony can help. 

We have access to 400+ clinics across Canada that are looking to hire a physio, clinic lead, or clinic director right now!

How PT Harmony Works

Step 1: Book Your “Find Me The Right Fit” Call

On your 45-minute chat with Darryl, he’ll explain how the process works. Then tell you how to complete your clinician profile so that it grabs the attention of your ideal clinic owner. Or if you already have an offer on the table, but are unsure if it is a fair deal, let me help you? If you’re stuck and need some direction Darryl can provide insights that can prove extremely valuable on the call.

Step 2: Connect You With Great Clinics

Darryl will then act as a sports agent for you (kind of like Jerry McGuire). He’ll introduce you to the clinics that are the right fit for you and will provide you with the best offer based on your motivations. Then you can choose which ones you’d like to interview with and Darryl will make that happen.

Step 3: Darryl Will Mentor You To Accelerate Your CAREER

After you choose the clinic you want to work at, the clinic owner hires Darryl to personally mentor you to become an all-star physio just like he’s done for hundreds of other clinicians. And this is completely free for you.


My results speak for themselves, because I wake up everyday excited to mentor physios to
be more confident in their practice and skyrocket the impact they have on patients.

Ready to Find a Clinic You’ll Love? 

Then click the button below and fill out the short form. Then you'll be taken to a page to schedule a call with Darryl.

There’s no obligation. It’s on a first-come, first-served basis.


I currently work at a clinic. Will my boss be able to see my profile?

No, your profile will be 100% anonymous and no picture or name will be shown. Just your profile details.

Are there any fees?

No fees for Physios. We make it free for PTs to attract more qualified clinicians to our site.

Do I Have to Choose the Clinic You Introduce Me To?

No, we want you to choose the clinic that is right for you, provides you with the best overall offer and checks off your top job motivators.

Do I Really Get Free Mentorship?

Yes. You will be enrolled in Darryl Yardley's Mentorship Bootcamp where he will begin coaching you to be an even bigger all-star in private practice. 

Do you negotiate my salary with the owner?

No. But I will help you to identify your top job motivators and guide you through an offer. I have supported hundreds of clinicians through negotiations to help them realize they have a great offer on the table or how to negotiate more with respect.

What if I change my mind after I start at The new clinic?

Although very rare, these situations will happen from time to time. Darryl will provide you with guidance and support to work with the clinic owner to transition in a respectful and professional way.

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