Save Lost Patients Over The Phones

3 Marketing Secrets To Get Even More New Patients Without Spending a Dime More On Marketing 

How Do You Improve The Patient Experience Quality Over The Phone?

You need to inspect what you expect. And you can easily do that by having mystery patients calling your clinic.

This ensures high quality and patient experience standards every day. And makes sure your potential new patients don't slip through the cracks. As well as losing your current patients. Destroying your profits, reputation, and online reviews in the community.

How it works is a professional mystery patient  caller will call your clinic one time as a patient (we will give you a heads up). Then grade your clinic based on CallHero's comprehensive 19 point quality control inspection.

Here are what other clinics are saying about this FREE Mystery Caller Audit

It’s hard for me to tell my staff where I feel they could improve, they think they know the job better than I do and can be defensive, a third party source is really helpful

Darryl Yardley

Waterdown Physical Therapy

I feel like my front desk is doing ok on the phones, but I also know there is always room for improvements and I want to find out where

Dr Tracey Wong

Coast Chiropractic & Wellness

I signed up because I have no idea what is going on over the phones, I can’t hear them while I am in the clinic

Becky Martins

Maple Dental Center

Here’s what else is included in the test:

1) Comprehensive 19-point quality control inspection so you know exactly how to improve the patient experience over the phones.  Plus get a checklist so you can easily train your team at your next staff meeting  

2) You’ll know exactly whether your team is using the phone scripts from the last training session.  Or how well your staff responds to common basic questions that they’ll face daily 

3) Get a convenient transcription in writing of the entire conversation (word for word) and highlights on where you can improve. 

4) A CallHero phone coach we’ll break down the mystery call for you… and discuss what they did a great job... how they handled patient objections/concerns... what phone scripts they should of used instead. 

Can You See Why So Many Clinics Just Like You Are Signing Up For The FREE Mystery Patient Audit 

"Think they know the job better than I do"

It’s hard for me to tell my staff where I feel they could improve, they think they know the job better than I do and can be defensive, a third party source is really helpful

Darryl Yardley

Waterdown Physical Therapy 

We have scripts in place that our team is clearly not using which is good to know

Wendy Fisher

Momentum Physical Therapy

It’s really helpful seeing these conversations transcribed in writing, it highlights where we are struggling

Dr Chris Singh

Agile Chiropractics

I love the checklist idea to train my team. We have tried scripts in the past and they never seem to use them. A checklist is much more simple and easy to adopt

Sara Lewis

Alpine Massage

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Plus Get The Phone Scripts Playbook

Even a few changes in your phone scripts can change the whole patient experience — and we'll show you exactly what to change and how easy it is to do!

Get a free copy of the Phone Scripts Playbook with this mystery caller test.

It will give you the proven step by step sequence to get patients to book with you right then… without having to sell. We call it the 5 Step Cares Framework that we perfected over 15 years that’s currently used at hundreds of successful clinics.

We are seeing up to 67% boost in booking rate with this framework.

Plus your staff will love it because it tells them step by step what to say from beginning all the way to the end....improving their confidence on the phones

The Phone Scrips Playbook also includes 9 time-tested phone scripts in a convenient cheat sheet that will help your staff confidently handle every objection with ease. While making it a no brainer for the patient to choose you over everyone else.

For example, it's too expensive. I'll call you back/let me think about it. That time doesn't work for me. Do you offer (XYZ service) and more. There’s a proven script for virtually every objection.