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9 Proven Phone Scripts We See Working Best Right Now to Save Lost Patients From Over 2 Million Phone Conversations We’ve Analyzed At Over 1800 Physiotherapy Clinics - For FREE

FACT: The top Physiotherapy Clinics book 37% more new patients than the average clinic from the same number of calls... based on over 2 million phone conversations we’ve analyzed at over 1800 clinics. The FREE Call Grader Test shows you how they’re doing it.

Here’s How The FREE Mystery Caller Audit Works:

  • A professional mystery caller will call your clinic and pretend to be a patient (your front desk won’t know it’s a test).
  • They will then grade the call based on the framework the top clinics are using right now to turn more callers into patients --- especially those on the fence --- through ultra-casual short conversations. 
  • After the call, you will get a transcript of the entire call with highlights on where your front desk can improve. Also, your Call Hero coach will break down the entire call for you word for word on what they did right, need to improve on, and give you practical tips you can implement the very next day to boost your booking rate.

In fact, I’ve used this framework to grow my Physiotherapy and Chiropractor clinic to $83 million dollars a year and helped hundreds of clinic owners see a big boost in their booking rate on the phones.

Like Jame Grimes who added an extra $15,000.00 per month to his clinic after the Mystery Caller Audit.

It's a $15,000.00 lift almost instantly.

- Jamie Grimes,  Synergy Health

Now you maybe thinking that I don’t want my front desk to think I’m spying on them or it’s hard to get them to implement. So we included a staff buy-in script for that too. It shows you the right way to present the results so they respect you more, implement, and see it as a way to help even more patients in the community.

This is how I got my 1400 employees to buy in at my 127 clinics.

Plus when you take the Mystery Caller Audit today you’ll also get the Phone Scripts Playbook for FREE. It contains 9 proven phone scripts to save lost appointments that we see working best right now - without being salesy. 

These scripts handle the most costly objections like - it's too expensive. I'll call you back/let me think about it. That time doesn't work for me. Do you offer (XYZ service) and more!

Why Are You Giving All This Away For Free?

It’s simple. We found that clinic owners, managers, and executives who got this test were so thrilled by the results they achieved after implementing what they learned... that a good percentage of them ended up becoming customers. So it’s a win-win for both. However, there’s no obligation.

Don't leave profits on the table by not using a proven framework and phone scripts.

Get your FREE Mystery Caller Audit and Phone Scripts Playbook now by clicking the button below. Then just fill out the short form. After, the Mystery Caller Audit will start within 24 hours. You don’t have to do anything.

3031 clinics owners have already taken the test

About the Creator of The Mystery Caller Audit

Rick Lau created an $83 million dollar a year Physiotherapy and Chiropractor clinic. Plus owned a network of 127 successful clinics with over 1400 employees.  Owns Call Hero, a phone analytics software company that has analyzed over 2,000,000 calls at clinics across the U.S and Canada. 

Giving him access to a lot of data on what’s working right now to convert even more callers into patients. Plus Rick hosts the largest clinic owner summit in Canada every year before the pandemic called Accelerate Live.

We have scripts in place that our team is clearly not using which is good to know.

Wendy Fisher

Momentum Physical Therapy

I love the checklist idea to train my team. We have tried scripts in the past and they never seem to use them. A checklist is much more simple and easy to adopt.

Sara Lewis

Alpine Massage

It's really helpful seeing these conversations transcribed in writing, it highlights where we are struggling.

Dr. Chris Singh

Agile Chiropractics