A FREE Exclusive "Friday Webinar Series" For CLINIC Owners

3 Strategies to Bulletproof Your Re-Open and Protect Your Profits From A Second Wave of Covid-19

EVERY FRIDAY at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific). Starting March 20, 2020

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On this FREE 60 minute Crisis Management "Friday Webinar Series", we'll talk about...

✔ How to be on the offensive (vs defence) and protect your clinic during this crisis 

✔ How to run a reduced operations for your urgent and non urgent cases 

✔ Softening the landing for your staff layoffs and all the human resources issues

✔ How to restructure your org structure so you are ready for the rebound

✔ How to setup and running your front desk operations from home

✔ How to continue answering your phones and supporting your active clients if your clinic is closed 

✔ Operationalizing tele-rehab at your clinic and getting your patients to "buy in"

✔ How to get new patients when they are worried about COVID-19

✔ Controlling your expenses so you can survive this storm

✔ Live Q&A to answer your most pressing questions about any anything 

EVERY FRIDAY at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific). Starting March 20, 2020


Space is limited to the first 2000 Clinic Owners who register because of the live Q&A. If we have more we won’t have enough time to answer everyone’s questions. 

These LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are free.  At Rick's last crisis management webinar, he had over 1723 people register and ran out of space

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This webinar series is perfect for Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, or Athletic Therapists

Meet The Panelists To Help You Rebound From This Crisis

Rick Lau

One of the top clinic owner mentors in Canada who is coaching over 200+ clinics and has survived 3 massive crisis in his lifetime

Karen Craven

Owner of multi million dollar physiotherapy clinic in Saskatchewan and has survived 2 massive crisis in her lifetime

Dr Sapna Siriam

Owner of two multi million dollar award winning multi disciplinary clinics in downtown Toronto. She also appears in CTV, Global TV, and City TV 

Darryl Yardley

One of the top physiotherapy mentors in Canada. He has recruited and mentored over 250+ students and new grads. Darryl has survived 2 massive crisis in his lifetime

Paul Moon

Spent 15 years as Chief Operating Officer at PT Health, one of Canada's largest rehab companies with over 1400 employees. Paul has survived 3 massive crisis in his lifetime

Sanjeev Bhatia

Spent 15 years running patient experience operations for both Lifemark (400+ clinics) and Myodetox (11+ clinics). Sanjeev has survived 3 massive crisis in his lifetime

Karim Meghji

Chair of Private Practice at Canadian Physiotherapy Association and owner of a highly profitable small practice. Karim has survived 2 massive crisis in his lifetime

Over the next couple of months, we will be experience sharing (on what is working right now in our community) and answering your burning questions with you EVERY FRIDAY so you can...

  • Find growth opportunities in this chaos and panic
  • Focus on the basics (so you can break even faster!!!)
  • Getting you ready for the rebound!!! (because it will happen)