Being a Clinic Owner is Hard… 


Makes It Easy 

As a Member You'll Get Instant Access To The Checklists, Trainings, Mentorship, and Community You Need to Double Your Income, Cut your Clinical Hours In Half and Take Back Total Control.


81 Clinic “Playbooks” That Help You GET STUFF DONE

Clinic Playbooks are basically “checklists on steroids” that walk you through step-by-step how to execute proven clinic marketing tactics, growth strategies, and operation strategies. That you can hand off to your front desk, manager, marketing, director, or clinician where they can execute on their own. These are the same strategies and tactics that we use to help hundreds of clinic owners dramatically improve and grow their clinic every single day.

Covers all facets of clinic operations and marketing. So you never have to waste your money, time, or effort trying to reinvent the wheel or figure out your business ever again.


(with new ones added every single month)

Our Directory Helps You Get More Patients From Google, SEO, Employers, and Insurance Companies

We leverage our 400+ clinics inside of Clinic Accelerator and help you get even more new patients with employers, insurers, doctors, and Google. We created a “directory style” website to “supplement” your existing marketing. The goal is to showcase all the clinics in our community and allow us to compete and negotiate with insurances, employers, and Google.

Get Answers To Your Most Pressing Questions Every Week With Community Mentorship Calls

On these 60 minute weekly mentorship calls. We’ll help you work through challenges and frustrations that arise each week in your business.  

What makes these calls different from anything else available is not only will you be able to ask Rick and his personal team of coaches and experts as many questions as you want so you know exactly what to do next.  Plus you can leverage the community of over 400 clinic owners on these calls working on your problem. No matter what problem you have, someone has had it before, made the mistake before, and has the solution on how to fix it.

Plus, you’ll receive a recording of all the calls and even get access to the full library of past coaching calls.

Systematize and Grow Your Clinic



It's easy to become a slave to your clinic, but Clinic Accelerator members have access to dozens of tools and proven strategies to help you earn more, work less, and run your practice without it depending on you ever again. 


At each weekly mentorship call, and in the private Slack Group in between calls, members share systems that they are using to accomplish more while working less.  


Access over 7 years’ worth of the best templates and tools for attracting and retaining A players without having to pay them more than your competitors. Building a great clinic culture, standard operating procedures, and systems that allow your clinic to operate whether you're there or on the beach sipping margaritas.

Get Access to The Entire Clinic Accelerator Team Around The Clock to Help You Win In Business

Unlimited chances to bend the ear of the entire Clinic Accelerator team on ANY business, marketing, or operations questions in our Slack-like chat stream. Would you like to have a place to turn to experienced marketers and clinic owners who have been there and done that… ready to answer whatever questions you have on hiring, running, and growing a practice… whatever else is holding you back? Inside the Clinic Accelerator, that’s exactly what you’ll find.Our team is well-versed in clinic operations, automation, hiring and training clinicians, management and leadership structures, finance, marketing, front desk training, hr,  staff buy-in, culture, patient buy-in and more.

Their experience and expertise are unmatched and accessible for all members.

Rick Lau

Built three 10 million dollar Chiro and Physio Clinics in the past 15 years. Owned and sold a network of 127 successful multi-disciplinary clinics for $28,000,000.00. Also spent millions on Facebook and Google.

Darryl Yardley 

Canada’s #1 Physio Mentor. Has recruited and mentored over 1000+ Physios in the past 10 years. Owns a network of 14 multidisciplinary clinics.

Karen Craven 

Owner of a multi-million dollar physiotherapy clinic in Saskatchewan where many Olympic and professional athletes train. Her superpower is communication and leadership.

Paul Moon 

Spent 15 year as Cheif Operating Officwe at PT Health, one of Canada's largest rehab companies with over 1400 employees.

Sanjeev Bhatia

Spent 15 years in the trenches running patient experience operations for both Lifemark (400+ clinics) and Myodetox (11+ clinics).

Rohan Raheja

A chartered accountant that spent the last 10 years in senior positions at KPMG, Microsoft, Disney, and Lifemark Health (200+ clinics).

Shaida Rabie

Social media expert with a proven track record of helping clinic owners get more patients from Facebook and Instagram. Also the Digital Marketing Manager at CallHero.

Melissa Casimirri, CHRL, RPR

An experienced HR Professional specializing in full-cycle recruitment, employee on boarding, retention strategies and HR analysis. Worked in hospitals and clinics.

They can even train your front desk, managers, marketers, clinic directors, and clinicians into high performers so you don't have too.

We Help You Recruit and Turn Your Clinicians Into All Stars

“I have the demand but I’m having trouble finding good clinicians”

We have a large network of highly qualified physiotherapists trained by Darryl Yardley Canada's #1 Physio mentor for you to choose from.

Darryl has hired and trained hundreds of clinicians over the past 10 years for over 150 multi-disciplinary private clinics.

He can train your clinicians so you don’t have too on everything from:

  1. 1
      Boosting their confidence while talking with patients. 
  2. 2
      Achieving even more successful outcomes. 
  3. 3
      How to get and keep their caseload full.
  4. 4
      Get self-discharge rate under 15%. 
  5. 5
      Train them to properly diagnose a patient; unfamiliar with a prognosis for their condition; or help them better predict patient outcomes and prescribe the correct number of treatments your patient really needs.

Or you can train them yourself on everything above because we give you access to all the clinician playbooks too. You can even hand them off to your clinicians to execute on their own.

Increase Valuation To Maximize Your Exit Payday

"I want to build wealth so I can retire comfortably"


The blueprint for selling your clinic for the maximum value possible that we discovered from selling 127 Chiro and Physio clinics for $28,000,000.00.


5 simple things you can do now to double, triple, and even quadruple the value of your clinic. Even If you're not planning on selling your clinic anytime soon. It takes some time to prepare your clinic for sale. Implement these now so you’ll be able to retire comfortably when you want.


Tap into our network of deep-pocketed clinic buyers. We have 13778+ clinic owners who want to buy & sell a Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, or Massage Therapy Clinic.


Access our best tools for increasing valuation and selling your clinic for the maximum price possible to the best buyer in the smartest way possible.


Whether your goal is to double your income, cut your clinical hours in half, or take your clinic to the next level, Clinic Accelerator is here to help...


Learn how to generate a consistent and predictable flow of new patients you can depend on. Our extensive content library supplemented with the latest what's working now shares from members ensures you create and maintain the highest revenue possible for your clinic while working less.


Cut self-discharge rate in half and get more patients graduating by leveraging the collective experience shared freely by your fellow Clinic Accelerator members on exactly what they are doing to reduce self-discharge and improve the patient experience.


You get direct access to me and any of the experts on my team inside our private slack group. If you ever get stuck or have an urgent problem just send us an instant message through slack and we’ll give you actionable solutions you can implement right away. We are committed to your business and will treat your business just like it was our own.  Plus you get access to the hundreds of generous clinic owners in the community who can help you.

4.) Never Again Have To Reinvent The Wheel

Never have to waste your time, money, or effort trying to figure out your business ever again. We don’t just sit around talking about untested theories, Clinic Accelerators are the “real people” who are in the trenches running 6-8 figure clinics every single day.

Executing on a single strategy from Clinic Accelerator can return your entire year’s investment in a moment, and we hear our members do this dozens of times every month. But don’t worry…Clinic Accelerator isn’t all work. We also know how to have a good time, as you’ll soon see.


Having people to bounce ideas off who actually get your business from marketing, patient experience, operations, etc… can make a huge difference. When you have a project you can put it out there and our community and the Clinic Accelerator team will chime in to make it even better. So your results will be even better.


Sometimes the best thing you can do for your clinic is to get away from it for a few days. Clinic Accelerator meetings allow you to connect in person with your fellow Clinic Accelerator members live and in person once a quarter. During these events, we will mastermind, share the latest tactics and strategies we are using in our business, hear from members on what’s working best in their clinic, have drinks, and have fun.

2x Revenue Every Year You’re a Member

We are only successful if you’re successful, from other members to the entire Clinic Accelerator family. Members get a community of people who can relate and understand them; a community of support that’s difficult to find.

A less lonely, diverse community of people at different stages of their clinic from less than 6 figures to 10 million per year in revenue. You can always talk to someone who’s where you want to go and where you are right now. The community is made up of Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, and Athletic Therapists.


Click the button and fill out the application form below to chat with a Clinic Accelerator Specialist to start the application process…

What Members Are Saying About The Clinic Accelerator Experience

"I now have a community behind me to grow my 2 clinics" - Dr. Nick Stryniak

"I wish I had Clinic Accelerator when I first opened my clinic" - Tamsin Snodgrass

"I know have the systems to own a great business" Kathy Yardley

"I have grown my clinic to over $2 million this year" - Judy Fullerton

"I only have 5 hours a week of patient care" - Nelly Tamrez

"I feel supported by the Clinic Boss community & the coaches" - Dr. Sapna Sriram

"I had no systems & culture before Clinic Accelerator" - Nicole Hart

"I know have financial visibility & systems to grow my 3 massage clinics" - Brenda Beattie

"These guys know know their stuff and has your back" - Leslie Tempest

"I had a glass ceiling with my clinic revenues before Clinic Accelerator" - Dr Gord Mcmorland

"I love having 24/7 access to the community & all the tactics for my 3 clinics" - Grant storzuk

"I now has the systems and leadership mentorship to grow my clinic by over 31% this year" - Manvir Singh

"I can now measure every single step in my patient experience" - Paolina Spremulli


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SaaS Phone Performance (23% of market)

Own 23 Clinics


The #1 physio bootcamp in Canada

We are not just coaches. We are in trenches running successful clinics every day. Not only that, we have more data than anyone else from analyzing over 2,000,000 phone calls at over 500 clinics across Canada and the U.S who use our software every month. Owning 23 successful clinics and coaching hundreds of clinic owners every month. Which means to you, as a member you can get access to what’s working now before your competitors know it exists.

We even help through the entire lifecycle of a clinic owner such as when they graduate, mentoring them into an All star clinician, move up to management, then becoming a successful clinic owner, and finally selling their clinic for the maximum value possible.

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