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Your test will start within the next 24 hours. The last step is to click the button below to schedule a time with Tyra (our CallHero coach) because that’s when she’ll reveal your results once the test is complete. 

Just book at least 24 hours later so we have time to prepare your results.

Plus after the call, she’ll give you the 9 fool-proof phone scripts we see killing it right now from over 2 million phone conversations we’ve analyzed so you can save lost appointments… without being salesy.

And again, here’s what you’ll discover on this 30-minute results call:

  • Within 24 hours our professional mystery caller will call your clinic as a patient and grade the call based on our proven Framework for turning callers into patients through ultra-casual short conversations.
  • Then Tyra will share this with you, breaking down the entire call word for word on what they did right, need to improve on… and give you practical tips you can implement the very next day to get even more new patients from the same number of calls.
  • Plus give you a highlighted transcript of the call along with the Phone Scripts Playbook.

In fact, Jamie Grimes added an extra $15,000.00/month to his clinic after implementing what he learned from the Call Grader Test results call.

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P.S. Now this is not some sales call in disguise. At the very end, we will ask you if you’d like to try out our Call Hero software but not until we delivered everything we promised and gave you massive value first. However, there’s no obligation.

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